noho bauhaus

noho bauhaus

Intro · you have to know some art history to understand the importance of the european bauhaus. we have a little enclave of empty stores and buildings with a giant parking lot. this project i am leading will work if we can get some of that government money looking to be spent in a useful way.

Camera follows the back of I_ArtMan's head while he spits out a few pleasantries. lots of cuts, lots of profundities over his shoulder looking directly into the camera, spitting out one liners.1.) Our grand aim is the ecstasy of creation. We understand art idealistically. 2.) Put ideas and content back into art and art will become a nutritious substance. 3.) We are on the cusp of an enormous change of values. 4.) We want to be part of the solution. 5.) Our point of view is no longer materialistic. 6.) A real need for sharing what is necessary to go from violence to love is apparent to everyone. 7.) The collective conscience is awakening. The people are trying to help make the world a better place. (..........Then back still turned, gesticulating at the blank wall as if looking at the Sistine wall (Mussorsky paintings at an exhibition playing in the background.)

"If you will be so kind as to ask me any wild or idle question that comes to mind, it will help me get out the plan for the Bauhaus." (Insert slide show sketches and photos)Finally, sitting on the little stool, hat off, jacket off, shirtsleeves rolled up, hair down.... answers questions massaging a lump of eraser.q. What is the idea of the Bauhaus?

Ans. a place for artists to work and learn and eat and talk that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.q. What else?Ans: Because if we work together and share, we have the 'strength of numbers' even in chaos there will be a hotbed of ideas. Arguments yield new knowledge.q. Who will come?Ans: people who want to be artists, not with the label of artist... just people. People who are not afraid to live; people who are not afraid to die.q. Isn’t the national endowment for the arts (NEA) interested in helping?Ans: isn't it time that we change the way this country works?The National Endowment for the Arts is a dead body. The post mortem report is "died of boredom" and an overdose of nepotism.q. What’s your point? Ans: people these days are way too much in their heads. better they should bury their hands in clay and lose their heads in color.q. Why do art at all?Ans: creating causes happiness; and good health. But best of all art gives a reason for being, a step in the direction of self-knowledge. Art can be a life-enhancing experience.q. So this could be sort of a forum? Sort of philosophical?Ans: not exactly. You could call it experimental psychology nobody knows anymore what art is good for. They think it nice but don't know how it helps one love life. In that sense philosophy, literally love of knowledge, is what might be the result. It’s an experiment before anything else is crystallized. That is why we need to get together often over double espressos or a glass of hearty burgundy.q. What else is good about the Bauhaus?Ans: it's good for artists to starve once in a while but not day after day. a place like the Bauhaus will always have a salad going and cheese; maybe a couple of crock pots with soup and chili.q. People are different. how can you accommodate all these types.Ans: some people are good at questions and some are good with answers. At the Bauhaus, we will fight it out. we will demonstrate with work what our reasoning is. Principles before personalities.q. You seem to be saying that art is good for you?Ans: art prevents cancer just as wheat grass finds and eradicates free radicals, art organizes them by putting them to work distracts them from their habitual vandalism.... and the mind, too busy with these artificial problems... is flooded with positive energy. good energy is bad soil for cancer cells. They wither and die. Art is good for you.q. What is the plan about work spaces?Ans: By providing studios for itinerant artists, just corners even to work in; just a place to work where food is not too far away or time consuming. There is nothing more distracting when you are trying to work than your stomach growling.Summary:The Bauhaus could go on forever because it won't depend on any one person. It’s a cooperative. If artists can't cooperate and share the responsibilities; it will shrivel like grapes die on the vine when no one harvests the crop.A priori, art is the purest activity. The joy of creation, like love, transcends time. Now that we have so many people without jobs in the world, i can envision a leisure society, not rich but active in the arts. Somebody will have to pay them. Gladiators of art. Aviators of the spoken word. Masters of stone and wood. Magicians of form and color.

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