belarus ekaterina dialogue

From: lavender988
Date: 2010-07-20 11:40
Scott, are you keen on art? Are you artist or photographer?

(the start) yes. she started it.

i said,

To: lavender988
Date: 2010-07-20 13:18
yes. see my paintings...

or browse around my opera blog and you will see. i am a lot of things... poet photographer journalist painter sculptor printer... all around crazy lover of life. and you?

then she said, etc. i will just draw a line from now on.
Sorry, i've visited your profile and looked through some of your works. Generally, they are rocking.
I consider that you are impressionist--the random of colors is very vivid and imaginative.
Thank you for your beautiful pictures
cool. you did so without my help... thanks for the time you spent. yes... very fond of color. but still finding my way as far as content. i guess that is why i write.


Ta!!! I'm chuffed by your rocking works!!
To tell the truth, i'm a student from little country called Belarus, i live in Minsk. So in the nearest future i'll be interpreter, translator and philologist))). I'm keen on art. I also draw something when i have inspiration.I adore landscapes, i also draw in graphics.
I've looked through your web-site. It contains a lot of things--i can say that you are interested in all spheres of our life. Your graphic works are excellent, they depict sketches from our ordinary life-routine! They are really small artistic photos created by gifted artist. By nature, i abhor telling compliments, but in your case i want to express my admiration!

I'm waiting for your answer. Cheerio! Your fan from Belarus

Date: 2010-07-21 11:00
i receive your wonderful, and i know honest, compliment with much natural pleasure. i am one of those artists who doesn't mind saying that he paints for the world, on purpose. consequently, i am starved for appreciation to the degree that confounds me sometimes.

luckily, i also paint because i must. it is part of my being like eating and love.

so thank you very much.


I've read your poems. May i express my feelings?
I consider that they remind me the way of poets of 17th century, especially --John Donn--the schematic structure. You are metaphysician, by the by!
hahaha you got me by the mustache that time... you are very perceptive. as we say here, "you got my number".

i am very happy that someone has taken the time to go through all the links on my website.

lavender and forget-me-not blue
met on the banks of the river
he whistling a melody true
that touched her mind with a shiver

(penned this instant)
Scott, i also draw for pleasure, when i need some time for relaxing, i take pen, brushes and begin my drawing. I don't revere those artists who are boast of their works--just, look at my creations--no-no.I believe in talented, gifted people who are naturally shy and devoted to their works. Unfortunately, we have a few gifted artists nowadays. To my knowledge, all gifted artists were honored after their death. It's a great pity. What do you think?
Are you keen on literature or poetry? Or are you writing for pleasure? I call such state--my funny hours!!

From: lavender988
Date: 2010-07-21 11:43
I see. I also feel such state of coexisting two artistic spheres,connecting art and literature. I'm philologist, so i look like a physician who exams the patient. Yeah, i know all his diseases but i have to prescribe medicine. Here, in art, i know all styles and my shaped eye contemplates all works seeking perfect ones!!!
yes. that's the idea. perfection in all ways. the highest aim is beauty. because beauty is is the magic of life.
Wow! You read my mind!! I want to ask you to write some small verse concerning me))))
Sorry, my name is Ekaterina)))
Can you write a small verse concerning my name? Please!!! I'm fascinated by your gift!!
I'm lucky to have met such creative person.
I promise i'll write some verse about you.
your wish is my command.

when the sun and the moon do smile
when the quiet meadow is alive
with bees and birds and butteflies
and the swallows soar over copper fields.

along comes a damsel all dressed in white
ekaterina her name, her father's delight.
she sings a song of an eastern night
by an open fire with a golden light
of a long lost love
of a white white dove.

her lover one summer
shot down in his prime
by the dart of a hunter
before his time.
and she prayed for a lover
as fine as her dove
who in ancient times
had been her first love.
I_ArtMan july 21, 2010
From: lavender988
Date: 2010-07-22 10:51
I'm amazed!!! It's awesome!!! I can't express my feelings because i'm paralyzed.Thank you for your brilliant verse. I guess that you can publish your poems. They are so various--here i can notice the influence of Ezra Pound(i admire his poems),John Donn. I hope people will appreciate your work!!!
I will try to write a poem about you. But i need some time!!!

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