being and nothingness

i have to continue to insist that sensation of one's 'being' makes all the difference. we modern people have crystalized into prisoners of double-think, not orwell's, but duplicity and inner considering. all are anchored in the material world as if that were a solution to why we are here or what will make us happy.

our formatory habit is to categorize horizontally.
every realm of truth from science to pre-school is expressed and communicated on the same dreary model.
good or bad. a sliding and stupid scale which leads to argument and separation.

the experiences of being opened by external chemistry and strange religions, the grand explosion of experimenting in the mid 20th century, caused our collective consciousness, the mystical glimpses of vertical consciousness; out of which was born a whole new discrimination of the alternatives to simply living and dying; and a whole new generation of astutely critical minds and elegantly creative re-makers.

before that no-one dreamed of the potential of projecting the impossible onto the map of the future simply by the right wishing of strong it happens every day... we are about to jump into new dimensions which will change everything and bring in the golden age. but only if we... we the humans, aim high. not only aim high but exert ourselves unstintingly. only super efforts count. the cosmos only responds when the thrones of the gods get hot.

let's just pretend that we're not striving for recognition for selfish reasons, self-calming reasons which mist disolves every new dawn. then we can get down. get down to the job of being truly interested in experience, in sensation, in permanent transformation. lightness energy joy love. words we know the meaning of but can't experience.
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